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Milk cooling is of vital importance as milk is the number one source of income on ever dairy farm.

Dairymaster SwiftCool Milk Tanks offer you better insulation and better construction.


Many customers have been looking at ways of increasing profitability on their dairy farms as milk cooling can account for up to 40% of electricity costs on farm it was evident that was an area which could be improved.

We have applied our design and engineering expertise to improve milk cooling efficiency and performance.Advanced skills in mechanical engineering ,refrigeration,electronics and software were used to develop the new range of tanks.Dairymaster has dedicated a new part of its state-of-the-artfactory to this manufacturing line which is computer controlled to ensure high quality precision engineering.

The Dairymaster Swiftflo Milk Tanks have 20% thicker insulation as standard  resulting in less heat loss.There is extremely low thermal conductivity with our insulation and it is an environmentally friendly low GWP foam system.

The tanks are manufactured in house at Dairymaster’s global headquarters in Co.Kerry and are constructed from a thicker steel than standard with laser welded evaporator plates.Each tank has a sturdy chassis design and each leg of the tank is rated to 12 tonnes.


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