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Swiftflo Double

The Swiftflo Double up parlour has one milking unit per cow place.This option is ideal where farmer wants to maximise his or her working space and where milking groups of cows.There are many different configurations available, from the intro level Swiftflo Double to a top of the range option with DoubleGuard stainless cabinetry.


DoubleGuard is an optional extra for double up parlours,this is a heavy duty stainless steel cabinetry that completely encloses the milk line and pulsation line in a stainless steel unit.The cabinetry can enclose either standalone cluster removers or milk meters leaving visible the operator controlled key pad.DoubleGuard protects and safeguards your equipment and the design of it makes it very easy to clean and maintain your parlour.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Operator has more prep time per cow
  • Space efficient solution for larger herds
  • Ideal for milking groups
  • Capable of milking up to 450 cows per hour
  • Typically 3-5 cows per unit per hour
  • Clear exit/breezeway option


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